Finish and Finishing

Applying a finish to your woodworking project can sometimes be frustrating. Discover how to choose and apply a finish. Learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need for success.

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Small parts won't fly away while you spray
Parts for small wooden toys can be a real hassle to finish—they tend to flip over or scoot around when applying a spray finish.
It's, shades...for you, workbench spills!
To keep my workbench free of paint and varnish spills as well as glue drips, I mounted a retractable vinyl window shade to one end.
Why wax wood?
When it comes to protecting that fine furniture you crafted, the final finish may not be enough.

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This paint-thinner dispenser proves indispensable
I recycled laundry detergents jugs to dispense mineral spirits in my workshop.
Clean up on finish-drying tasks with old dishwasher racks
Before you have that old dishwasher hauled away, save the racks.
How to get your groove back

The chamfered edges of the boards (D) create V-grooves that accent, rather than hide, the joint lines.