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Easy modification speeds bandsaw-blade tensioning

I avoided de-tensioning and re-tensioning my bandsaw blade because the three-point knob and threaded shaft on my machine was such a pain to use. Here’s how I put convenience into that chore.

First, remove the knob and threaded-shaft. Replace them with a 38 "-16 threaded rod topped with two hex nuts. Align the facets on the nuts so you can fit a 916 " socket over them. Now use a ratchet handle to adjust the tension quickly. To make things go fast, use a cordless drill to drive the socket.

With this arrangement, you won’t have to reach so high because the shaft doesn’t have to extend above the upper-wheel housing. But if you’re tall, you may want to use a threaded rod long enough to put the hex nuts above the housing, enabling you to spin the ratchet round and round. 
—Ed Wald, Bensalem, Pa.


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