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Easy-made shelving units with lots of space to hang tools

The recent installation of four heavy-duty steel shelving units added a lot of much-needed storage space to my workshop. But adding those resulted in the loss of wall space for hanging tools. To bring back that storage, and tidy up the look of the shelving, I mounted doors with pegboard skins. 

First, bolt together adjacent metal shelving units top and bottom, front and back. Then, anchor them at the top to the wall. Rip door jambs from 2-by material to match the width of the shelf-unit uprights (in this case, 1 12 on the ends; 3" where two uprights meet). On the backs of the jambs, drill shallow counterbores where shelf-hanging studs protrude from the uprights. Attach the jambs plumb and parallel with screws through the keyhole-shape shelf-hanging holes.

Build the door frames with 2×2s joined with pocket-hole screws. (I put two doors on each shelving unit to keep them from swinging too far into my workspace or becoming too heavy with tools.) Add the pegboard skins, handles, hinges, and magnetic catches. Locks on the pegboard hooks keep them in place when opening and closing the doors.
—Lenny Wheeler, Bracey, Va.

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