Dust Collection

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Lazy Susan eases dust collection with moving tools
The dust-collection hose on my bandsaw mill would tangle and break due to the back-and-forth movement of the saw.
Dirt-cheap dust collection
Here’s an inexpensive way to improve dust-collection effectiveness on your bandsaw.
Conquering the final frontier of dust collection
My stationary belt sander was one of the few tools I had without a dust-collection port.
Make contractor-saw dust disappear in a flash(ing)
Capturing dust from my contractor-style tablesaw has always been impossible because of the wide-open bottom.
A gallon of dust collection for an inch of sander
The 1" belt sander was the final frontier of dust collection in my shop.

More Dust Collection

Instant conversion: tablesaw to downdraft table
Here’s a quick and easy way to add a downdraft sanding table to your dust-collection system.
Do away with dovetail dust
Collecting dust from a handheld router is a difficult task at best, especially when using a dovetail jig.