A modified drywall t-square substitutes for a commercial shelf-pin jig.
Drawing of t-square used as hole template

When faced with drilling a long run of holes for shelf pins, the cost of commercial jigs gave me a bad case of sticker shock. So instead, I modified a drywall T-square from a home center. Its 4' length covers a lot of ground. I drilled 1/4" holes at every inch mark, centering them on the 2" width of the square's blade. 

When drilling the holes for shelf pins, I slip a length of dowel over my bit  as a depth stop to ensure all the holes are a consistent depth. Painter's tape comes in handy to mark the start and stop points for the row of shelf-pin holes so I don't accidentally drill beyond them. I also use the tape to cover intermediate holes for spacing greater than 1" between holes. 

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