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For rows of round holes, turn to a square
A modified drywall t-square substitutes for a commercial shelf-pin jig.
How do I make a large hole?
Whats the best way to make a hole larger than my largest holesaw?
Masking tape works—if you flag it
There’s nothing new about using masking tape on a bit to indicate drilling depth, but it can be difficult to tell when that tape sleeve hits the workpiece.
Fine 'tune' drill bit angle using a CD
To drill perpendicular holes with a handheld drill, here’s an inexpensive solution.

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"Cheat sheet" meets cookie sheet
I’ve used the WOOD magazine “Drill Press Speed Chart” for years, trying to keep it taped up on the perforated hardboard behind my drill press, but it kept falling off.
Dead-on drilling
Get accurate, trouble-free results from your drill press by following these simple guidelines.
Eliminate crank-handle crankiness

My auxiliary drill-press table adds a lot of surface area for better stock support than the small factory-supplied table.