Working in an unheated shop in a cold climate.

■ If you're working in an unheated shop in a cold climate, DO move finishes (especially water-based ones) inside in the fall and back out to the shop in the spring.
■ DON'T store finishes (or glues) on a cold basement floor.
■ To gently heat finish to room temperature, DO use a warm-water bath, such as a beverage warmer below, or put the can in front of a heat register for a few minutes. DON'T heat it above the temperature of the wood, or use an open flame.
■ After applying finish, DO keep the heat on until the finish dries.
■ For an air-conditioned shop, DON'T set the air-conditioner to recirculate indoor air. Always pull in outside air.
■ DO use a dehumidifier if your shop isn't air-conditioned or is in a damp or humid basement.
■ DON'T apply finish when the previous coat is still tacky.
■ DO decide when to finish. Temps and humidities tend to be lowest early in the day. And then DON'T allow your project to dry in the sun.
—from the WOOD® shop