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Do away with dovetail dust


Collecting dust from a handheld router is a difficult task at best, especially when using a dovetail jig. I came up with this attachment to solve the problem. From 14 "  clear acrylic, cut a subbase with an extended wing, using the dimensions shown above. Drill mounting holes to attach the subbase to your router, aligning them so the router handles will line up with the sides of the subbase. Then make a duplicate of only the wing portion of the base with a hole to fit your vacuum hose. At the bandsaw, cut two 34 "-wide curved spacers from 34 " plywood to match the profile of your wing. Glue and stack the spacers together. Drill pilot and shank holes, then assemble the jig. Attach your router, hook up your vacuum hose, and get ready for mess-free routing.
—Reid Smith, Huntsville, Ala.

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