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Create totally tubular custom collection bins for mini-cyclones

I use a mini-cyclone separator in-line with my shop vacuum for dust collection on some of my tools. But some tools generate so many chips that frequently emptying the 5-gallon bucket I was using to capture them became a chore. Then I realized I could make a “bucket” any size I wanted using the tube forms used for pouring concrete deck piers. They come in 8", 10", and 12" diameters from the home center and can be cut to any length. 

I made a removable-top adapter plate for attaching the mini-cyclone. Likewise, I closed the bottom with a plywood disc, and made a wide-stance mobile base for it, fastening it to the tube with a few screws. To empty the container, I simply remove the top, wheel it to the trash receptacle, and tip it over.
—Don Loeffler, Plymouth, Mich.

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