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Cover-up clamp rack for added storage space

In my small shop, I needed a space-efficient storage solution for all my clamps. I found many plans for roll-around carts but couldn’t justify the loss of usable floor space. So, I came up with an A-frame cart that parks over my benchtop planer stand. A brace on one end pivots up to allow rolling the rack away from the planer. 

Because I would need access to the inside area, I had to get creative with bracing for the legs. To make the rack more stable, I attached a shelf that just clears the top of my planer. A permanent brace on one end near the bottom futher reinforces the rack. 

For the opposite end, a similar brace pivots out of the way to allow access to the inside area. I attached the fixed end of the brace using a fender washer in between the leg and the brace with a carriage-bolt-and-lock-nut combination to keep the fit snug, yet loose enough to pivot. For the non-fixed end of the brace, I milled a slot. A long bolt in a threaded insert through the leg of the rack forms a stud for a knob. This makes it quick and easy to just twist the knob loose and pivot the brace out of the way. No hardware ever has to be removed, which means it can’t get misplaced or lost. And with the brace locked in place, the clamp rack is rock-solid.
—Chris Desmarais, Raleigh, N.C.

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