Cordless drill holsters hang ’em high

Workbench space is at a premium in my shop, so I made holsters for my cordless drills, as shown. To make these handy hangers, I cut 4" PVC pipe into 10" lengths, and then used a jigsaw to cut a slot lengthwise in each piece wide enough to fit my drills’ handles. (I made mine 1 34 " wide; yours may need to be wider or narrower.) Sand or file the cut edges of the PVC to prevent damaging the soft grips on the tools. Finally, drill a pair of holes inside the pipe, directly opposite the slot, and screw the holsters to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet. You may need to install a filler strip on the bottom of the cabinet to shim the holsters if your cabinets have a deep recess beneath.
—Arthur Hoff, Lakeland, Fla.

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