What's a thrifty edge-clamping alternative?

Other kinds of clamps will work, but this style gives you plenty of room for wedges. Remove the clamp after 30 minutes so squeeze-out doesn’t glue it to the surface.


I want to apply edging to a countertop. Because it’s fastened in place against a wall, I can’t use my pipe clamps. Do I need specialized clamps of some kind, or can you suggest another solution?
—William Barton, Covington, Kentucky


Bill, manufacturers make several models of edging clamps, and they could be a good investment if you planned to do a lot of similar projects. But we have a cost-free, shop-made solution as well. All you need are wood scraps tapered at about 10°, handscrews or other suitable clamps, and a hammer. Apply glue to the edging, and hold it in place with help from an assistant. Use as many clamps as necessary to hold the entire edging strip in place, spaced at regular intervals, and adjust each clamp to keep the edging flush with the top surface. Insert a pair of wedges, with the tapered edges together, between each clamp and the edging. Gently tap one wedge, then the other, as shown above, until you see glue squeeze-out along the joint.

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