Clamps and Clamping

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What's a thrifty edge-clamping alternative?
I want to apply edging to a countertop. Because it’s fastened in place against a wall, I can’t use my pipe clamps. Do I need specialized clamps of some kind, or can you suggest another solution?
Easy, low-cost, no-mar way to attach edging
Rather than buy specialized edge clamps, make your own.
Journey to the center of your clamp-ups for even pressure
For good edge-to-edge glue-ups, it’s important that the clamping pressure be evenly applied across the thickness of the workpiece edges.
Quick-stick clamp pads end dings and dents
F-style clamps prove handy around the shop, but their small metal jaw faces tend to mar wood.
Clamping cauls help you upholster seat cushions
Compressing upholstery foam while stapling fabric in place seems to call for at least four hands, and the result always seems to be a wrinkled mess.

More Clamps and Clamping

Tiny table gets a grip on small parts
The smaller the part you drill on your drill press, the more important it is to clamp it for safety and accuracy.
Put some extra spring in your grip
Often when you need to place a spring clamp, you only have one hand to spare.
Running tight on clamps? Add pegs

With bar clamps running short on a cabinet job, I needed a good way to secure the face frames to the carcase.