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Chains Take Pains from Drying Parts

When you have a lot of large parts to finish—such as shelves—spreading them out for drying can take up a lot of space. In a small shop, you may not have that space. Chains and ceiling hooks can make drying racks that hold a lot of parts in a small area. Screw the hooks into ceiling joists about 12" from the wall (or other distance, as appropriate). Space the hooks as the parts require and hang a 7-8' length of chain from each. Light-duty chain, such as the twisted-link variety, will suffice for most projects. On each part to be finished, center a screw or nail at each end. Hang the parts horizontally between the chains, placing the screws or nails into the chain links as shown in the illustration at top.

Using this same idea, you can hang parts vertically, too. Place a screw eye in one end of each part. Then, loop the chain between two ceiling hooks and hang the parts from S-hooks on the chain as shown at top.
—Richard Trowbridge, Akron, Ohio

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