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Build a Wear-Proof Miter-Gauge Fence

Build Fence

Most auxiliary fences that bolt to a miter gauge eventually start to look pretty ragged. If you use one for mitering, beveling, dadoing, and such, you eventually wind up with big chunks missing.

However, this adjustable fence slides toward or away from the blade so that you never cut the face—regardless of the blade or the angle of the cut. You also can fabricate different slides for zero-clearance cuts.

To build any of these three fences, cut the fence and clamp bar to the dimensions shown at top. For length, use whatever dimension suits your needs. Choose maple or another smooth, stable hardwood. Then, glue the two pieces of hardboard to the fence. Now, use epoxy to secure two #10 nuts to the clamp bar. Attach the clamp bar to your miter gauge. Slide the fence on the clamp bar and position it. Finally, secure the fence in position by tightening the two screws.
—Jerry Boone, Kansas City Woodworkers' Guild

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