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Best Bench Grinders for Hand-tool Sharpening
For shaping and sharpening hand-tool blades quickly, nothing tops a bench grinder.
About Tablesaw Blades
Tablesaw blades come in a wide variety of styles and designs, but they generally fall into one of three categories: rip, crosscut, or general-purpose.
Why is 'hook' important in tablesaw blades?
I’ve bought lots of tablesaw blades over the years, but never noticed the term “hook” until recently. What does It mean?
Bandsaw blade badge preserves particulars
To remember the stats (length, width, teeth per inch) of your replacement bandsaw blades, cut the info from the box and affix it to the coiled blade using a twist tie.
Quick-change tire trick
When changing the tires on a bandsaw, I found myself in need of an extra hand or two.
Get a grip with this magnetic blade puller
Separating and pulling off stacked blades, chippers, and shims from a tablesaw’s arbor requires nimble fingers.