Using your tablesaw to cut a dado into the end of lengthy workpieces, such as the front and back legs (H, I), can be awkward and dangerous. Here's an easy and safe way to do it using your bandsaw. To form the centered 3⁄4" dadoes 1 3⁄4" deep in the bottom ends of the legs, for example, position your fence 3⁄8" from the inside of the blade, and set a stopblock for the 1 3⁄4"-long cut. With a face of a leg tight against the fence, make a cut to form one face of the dado, rotate the leg 180°, and cut again, as shown above left. Repeat for each leg. Then, to remove the waste, move the fence approximately 1⁄8" farther away from the blade. Make a cut, rotate the leg, and cut again. Repeat for each leg. Continue the shift-and-cut process to kerf the remaining waste. Now, using a sharp 5⁄8" chisel, chip out the waste, as shown bottomleft, alternately working from the edges to the center.