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Arrow-straight cuts for odd-shaped parts

I recently completed a project that required several irregularly shaped plywood panels. Although the sides all had to be straight, there wasn’t a 90° angle to be found. Here’s the tablesaw sled I came up with to accomplish the awkward task.

To make one for yourself, rout channels on the plywood base for the T-track, and then assemble the base, cutting guide, and hardwood rear fence. Attach them to the miter slot runner so the right edge passes just to the right of the saw kerf.  Make a first pass through the tablesaw to cut the sled precisely even with the saw kerf. Add the T-track and toggle clamps.

Lay out the cutlines on your workpiece and simply align the workpiece with the cutting guide, securing them with toggle clamps. The cut runs straight regardless of the angle.
—Alan Schaffter, Washington, N.C.


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