If you have a small, cramped shop, you probably value every extra inch of bench space you can get. The problem is, bench-mounted grinders and similar bench-mounted tools can really eat up the space in a hurry.
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To better use limited bench space, install your grinder so it swings down underneath the bench when you're through using it. To do this, screw a pair of 6" or larger strap hinges to the underside of the bench. Hammer the ends back to lie flat on the benchtop. Next, attach a plywood base to the hinges, then bolt the tool onto the base. (Countersink the bolts so the base will sit flush on the bench.) Finally, install a pair of screw eyes and a wire hook (a coat hanger works well) to hold the tool back away from your knees in its storage position.

—Fred Easley, Jerseyville, Ill.