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A sandwich for cutting thin metal and veneer

It's difficult to make good, clean cuts in thin metal, plastic, or veneer with a scrollsaw or bandsaw because the flimsy material may bend or even get caught in the saw blade. And, your fingers can easily slip on the thin stock as you maneuver it. As a consequence, you might ruin the stock or possibly injure yourself. Place the thin material between two pieces of plywood or similar thin stock, held together with dabs of 5-minute epoxy or hotmelt adhesive as shown. Before assembling the sandwich, drill 116 " holes at the corners of the thin material so you'll know its position inside the plywood pieces. Tape or glue the cutting pattern to the bottom side of the assembly as shown in right hand photo, and then flip the piece over before you start cutting. If you've made vertical cuts, the pattern portion should drop out cleanly.
—From the WOOD® magazine shop

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