Safety first! Let's talk about eye protection, hearing protection, and safe woodworking practices to prevent injury and keep you healthy in the workshop.

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Rout small parts safely
I have a 3×4" project part that requires a routed round-over. How can I rout this safely?
42 Things Every Woodworker Should know
Apply these truths for better results from the get-go.
Safe and Easy Router Table Pushblock
To keep fingers safely away from your bit when routing, use a push block.
Work small parts safely
Keep your fingers a safe distance from the machine's cutting edges.
The Skinny on Cutting Thin Parts
Safely rip pieces for bent laminations, edging, inlays, and more.
How much does it cost to fell an 'urban tree'?
The old maple tree that fell in my backyard, but all the sawyers I’ve called seem reluctant to come mill it for me. Should I have to pay for their equipment if a blade breaks?

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Does anti-lead mean anti-toy?
What ever happened to that lead-in-toys law? My woodworking club wants to start making toys for Christmas charities soon, but we’re worried we’ll run afoul of the law.
Plumb your shop for air

Build a network to put compressed air always within easy reach.