Cut crisp, strong rail-and-stile joinery with router bits.
Photo of workpiece with tenon and fillet labeled

Cut crisp, strong rail-and-stile joinery with router bits [Sources]. One bit simultaneously cuts a groove for a panel and a handsome profile along the rail and stile edges. The other bit machines a tenon on the rail ends while coping them to mate with the stiles. Instead of centering the grooves and tenons, we raised the router bit slightly, producing a back-of-center tenon and a small fillet on the front face.

Photo of tenon cope bit
Install the tenon/cope bit in your router table and raise it until the top of the bit is 13⁄16" from the table.
Photo showing alignment and backer board
Align the fence with the edge of the bearing on the bit and rout the ends of the stiles facedown on the router table. Back up the cut with a piece of scrap to prevent tear-out.
Photo of groove and round-over bit
Swap in the groove and round-over bit and raise it until the cutter aligns with the tenon on a stile. Cut a test groove/round-over on a piece of scrap and check the fit with a stile.
Photo of rout with workpiece
Once you have a good fit between your test piece and the stiles, rout the groove and round-overs with the workpieces facedown.