Pocket-screw Joinery

Perfect for cabinetry and other projects where the screws will be hidden, pocket-hole joinery, with or without a jig, is an easy and accessible method for assembling projects quickly with minimal tools.

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Five-Minute Face Frames
Pocket-hole joints provide the perfect combination of speed and strength for this job
Pocket-hole pointers
Whether you own a pocket-hole jig or are considering buying one, these shop-won insights will help you get more from your jig.
No-jig Pocket-screw Joinery
Try this method for securing joints without buying an expensive jig.
Pocket-size gauge for setting pocket-hole bits
After reading your review of pocket-hole jigs in issue 152, I bought a jig and was satisfied except for one small problem.
Save time with pocket holes
You won’t find a faster way to build basic cabinets, and they’re handy for assembling tricky joints, too.

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Pocket-Hole Drilling Guide
Take the hassle out of angled mounting holes with our simple drilling accessory.