The domino effect: Since Festool launched the Domino joinery tool in 2007, it has garnered wide respect for its ability to speed the creation of loose-tenon joints for many projects. A cross between a plunge router and biscuit joiner, the Domino uses a spiral bit to cut slotted mortises in a variety of sizes. You cut mating slots in workpieces, then glue in loose tenons that resemble dominoes. Lately, we've seen more and more accessories popping up for this tool (the original DF 500) as well as its larger sibling (the XL DF 700). We tested a variety and recommend the following for your Domino.
Domino Veritas Domino Joinery Table

Veritas Domino Joinery Table

The Domino tool doesn't always work well with small workpieces because they're hard to hold securely. Cuts into miters are especially troublesome. That's where this table, above, comes in, combining a clamping surface, a stationary fence, and a movable triangular guide to align workpieces for 45° and 90° joinery. You can also make custom guides for other angles. The Domino (only the DF 500) mounts to the table, and 6mm shims elevate it to center mortises in 3/4"-thick stock. Optional shims in 2mm, 4mm, and 8mm sizes (no. 05J1702) accommodate different offsets.

This table works perfectly for 90° joints, but 45° miters are fussier, requiring you to reposition the angled guide and hold-downs after cutting the mortises in half of the joints. Although the hold-downs work, we'd prefer quick-acting toggle clamps to speed up the process of clamping and unclamping each piece.

Lee Valley, no. 05J1701

Trim Stop

Trim Stop

This accessory, above, clips onto the Domino fence (both models), allowing you to align narrow stock to the cutter. The fences adjust independently, so you can center or offset mortises in stock from 7/8" to 2-3/4" wide. It works well but requires clamping workpieces to a workbench. Standard with both models now, it was originally an optional accessory, so earlier buyers might not have one.

Festool, no. LA-DF 500/700

BigFoot 2.0 Base System

BigFoot Base System

This right-angle plate above, fits both Domino tools, providing a welcome stability when using the tool vertically. The BigFoot can be mounted flush with the folded-up fence, or offset in mounting slots. If you don't already have Festool's Support Bracket, get this one instead.

TSO Products, no. DBF-45 BigFoot v2.0

A2 Domino Trim Plate

Trim Plate

Who else routinely sands each solid-wood Domino tenon just a bit when they're a little too tight in the mortise? With this plate, above, you instead drive tenons through the mating slots with a mallet to shave just enough material to loosen the fit ever so slightly. Anyone who's done a dry fit with Domino tenons—and struggled to remove them for gluing—will appreciate this accessory.

DFM Toolworks,

Offset Base System for Festool Domino

Offset Base System

Attach this oversize support plate, above, to your Domino to replace the fence and instantly improve the stability and support of the tool. The robust plate includes alignment markings for accuracy. The deluxe kit shown here (in inches; metric also available) comes with a variety of bushings to center mortises vertically, as well as outrigger extensions with flip-stops for making multiple, repeatable mortises along a workpiece's edge. (You can also buy a basic kit without the extensions for a lower price.)

Woodpeckers, no. DF500-OBSI-18

Mortise Match

Mortise Match

This table, above, works like the Veritas version, but it accepts both Domino models. The spring-loaded mounting plate allows you to center mortises in stock vertically from 1/4" to 1-3/16". An adjustable guide fence aligns workpieces at 45° and 90° accurately and any angle in between (though there's no scale). The Mortise Match produces accurate joints easily and quickly, though it does require a substantial investment. You'll also need to supply your own clamps—an added expense—but the slotted table accepts most clamps suitable for T-track. Again, we'd opt for quick-acting toggle clamps.

Woodpeckers, no. MORTMATCH