Half-lap Joints

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Half-lap joints
Sure, you can find woodworking joints more beautiful than the half-lap. And, one or two joints might be stronger. But few woodworking joints match the half-lap for all-around usefulness and ease of construction.
Half-lap joint jig
Cutting on-the-money rabbets for half-lap joints with a portable circular saw and handheld router is a breeze with this two-in-one jig.
Half-Lap Joints
Practically indestructible and beginner-friendly

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Mitered Half-Laps
Combine the flowing grain of a miter joint with the strength of a half-lap using only your tablesaw.
Cutting wide dadoes efficiently
Every time I use a dado set to cut half-lap joints, I seem to waste a lot of time lining up each successive cut to the edge of the blade. Is there a faster system?
Multijoint Routing Guide

Reach for your router and this jig to cut clean, accurate dadoes, rabbets, and half-laps.