Dovetail Joints

Dovetail joints are a recognized mark of craftsmanship. We'll show you the fundamentals of making dovetails using a variety of methods including hand tools and dovetail jigs.

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Dazzle with Double Dovetails
This decorative joint is easier to create than you might think.
Dovetail Keys
Easy-to-make and great-looking.
Practice makes proficient
Develop your skills through hard work, practice, and study.
Don't Let Bad Dovetails Happen to You
Dovetail joints are one of the hallmarks of quality woodworking, and a router and store-bought jig make quick work of them.

More Dovetail Joints

What is a dead-blow mallet?
My dovetail jig manual suggests using a dead-blow mallet on tight joints. What is it, and why should I buy one?
What's up with this unusual dovetail joint?
I bought a bathroom vanity with dovetailed drawers, as shown below. Why do the drawer joints have such a wide pin at the top?
Routing Double Dovetails

Using the Incra router-table fence, you can rout a striking double-dovetail joint.