Here's everything you need to know to create precise, strong, long-lasting furniture joinery. We'll discuss miters, mortise and tenons, box joints, dovetails, frame-and-panel construction, biscuits, pocket-screws, half-laps, and more.

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Take the Loose-tenon Plunge
Rout this strong joint quickly and accurately with a plunge router and a simple jig you can build.
Five-Minute Face Frames
Pocket-hole joints provide the perfect combination of speed and strength for this job
Waterfall Wonder
Create miter joints on natural-edge slabs for the look of a continuous-grain drop-off.
Face-jointing Without a Jointer
Tditionally, a jointer flattens boards and a planer brings them to thickness. But if you don’t own a jointer, your planer or router can do the flattening when you follow these steps.

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Master the mortise-and-tenon joint
Choose the best method for your shop and budget, and we’ll show you the foolproof path to success.
Cut Dead-On Miters Every Time
Build this sled in one evening and enjoy making perfect mitered frames for years to come.

Add stability when you're on the edge

Sometimes, cutting slots into workpiece edges can be tricky.