How do I fix misplaced hinge holes?


Recently, I built a set of book-matched doors with cherry-crotch panels for a small cabinet. While drilling the mounting holes for European-style cup hinges, I mistakenly drilled the wrong stile of one door. Obviously, mounting them in that fashion would ruin the book-match. How can I fix this?
—Fred Davis, Kansas City, Mo.


You can plug the holes, Fred, but that would leave visible patches on the inside of your door. So try this fix that will be barely noticeable on the ends and edge of the stile.

Send your woodworking questions to askwood@woodmagazine.comFirst, on the errant stile, rip a 18 "-deep rabbet the full width of the stile, as shown above. (A tall auxiliary fence secured to the rip fence helps stabilize the door as you cut.) Next, from a piece of stock the same size and color as the stile, cut a 18 "-thick strip to fit the rabbet. Glue and clamp the patch in place. When dry, sand the ends and edges smooth, filling any tiny voids with a mixture of glue and wood dust. Finally, now that you’ve hidden the goof, drill the hinge-cup holes in the correct stile and mount your doors.


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