Design, Drawing, and Furniture Styles

Learn about designing, drawing, and selecting the right style for your next woodworking project. Find out how small details and style affect the final look of your project.

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Greene and Greene's modern master
Seattle craftsman Tom Stangeland takes a beloved furniture style to new heights.
A Brief history of Arts & Crafts
I see a lot of projects in WOOD® magazine and other publications labeled as “Arts & Crafts.” What makes a piece “Arts & Crafts?”
Love Handles
Customize your next set of doors, drawers, or box lids with one of these shop-made handles.

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How do I get grain textures in SketchUp?
I downloaded the wood grain textures for SketchUp from your Web site. Can you tell me how to get those into SketchUp and then onto my project design?
Surrounded by Design
Develop a few simple habits that attune you to design in the world around you.
Search and Research

Rob Porcaro urges understanding what you build before you build it.