I’m building a triangle and need to cut 60° bevels. My tablesaw, compound mitersaw, or portable circular saw are limited to 45° cuts. Can you please explain how to do it?


I'm building a triangle to go above an outside gate and need to cut 60° bevels on the ends of 26 boards. I can't figure out how to do this with my tablesaw, compound mitersaw, or portable circular saw. All of them are limited to 45° cuts. Can you please explain how to do it?
—Kevin Courtney, Happy Valley, Ore.


Most saws like the ones you describe don't tilt 60°, partly because the blades won't extend far into the wood at such a steep pitch. You could design a jig to angle the workpiece on your saw table, but there may be an easier way to create an equilateral triangle.

Cut the three identical pieces of your triangle the same length using 30° bevels on each end, as shown above. Assemble the pieces with a beveled end of each board butting the face of the next piece, as shown below. Combined, the two 30° bevels will produce a 60° angle at each corner.