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Find the tips, tricks, and techniques for your woodworking shop from wood preparation to finished cabinetry with doors and drawers. You'll also learn about joinery, measuring, and wood finishes.

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Extended service with clip-on auxiliary worksurface
I use a mobile cart with adjustable-height rollers as outfeed support for my tablesaw.
Creating a four-corner grain match
I’ve seen mitered boxes where the grain figure wraps around all four corners of the box, but I’ve never understood how this is done.
Dealing with Wood Movement
Help your projects avoid the snap, crackle, or pop caused by wood expanding and shrinking.
Using a Moisture Meter
This easy-to-use and affordable tool proves indispensable for knowing when wood is ready to use.
Domino Joinery Tool Accessories
The domino effect: Since Festool launched the Domino joinery tool in 2007, it has garnered wide respect for its ability to speed the creation of loose-tenon joints for many projects. A cross between a plunge router and biscuit joiner, the Domino uses a spiral bit to cut slotted mortises in a variety of sizes. You cut mating slots in workpieces, then glue in loose tenons that resemble dominoes. Lately, we've seen more and more accessories popping up for this tool (the original DF 500) as well as its larger sibling (the XL DF 700). We tested a variety and recommend the following for your Domino.
The Alphabet Soup of Tool Steel
The amount of tool steel can impact increased hardness, greater toughness (making the metal less brittle), or more resistance to abrasion or rust. Learn what different references such as O1 and A2 mean.

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4 Ways to Attach tabletops
Choosing one of these time-tested attachment methods will keep your tables from flipping their lids.
Enhance Pegboard Storage
Go nuts over storage that's simply riveting.
"Easy Removal" Lathe Shim

Take a turn with this go-between