Woodworking How-To

Find the tips, tricks, and techniques for your woodworking shop from wood preparation to finished cabinetry with doors and drawers. You'll also learn about joinery, measuring, and wood finishes.

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Extended service with clip-on auxiliary worksurface
I use a mobile cart with adjustable-height rollers as outfeed support for my tablesaw.
Creating a four-corner grain match
I’ve seen mitered boxes where the grain figure wraps around all four corners of the box, but I’ve never understood how this is done.
Dealing with Wood Movement
Help your projects avoid the snap, crackle, or pop caused by wood expanding and shrinking.
Make Your Own Inlay Banding
Create your own inlay banding and be on your way to adding unique and striking visual accents to your work.
Repeatable measurements start with a simple stop
Like the head of a combination square, a ruler stop helps you make consistent layout marks from the edge of a workpiece. I made a ruler stop for nearly every steel rule in my shop, using scraps and a few pieces of hardware.

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Chip dip for dowels solves sloppiness
When using dowel joinery, it's not uncommon that one of the holes fits the dowel a little loosely. The hole might be too large or misshapen for a proper fit.
Up your finishing game with simple spacers
Instead of pricey pyramids, I support small parts and projects for finishing on brad points. Not the drill bits, but actual brads drilled through readily available cross-shaped tile spacers. When I’m done, I just gather them up and store the points in a jar.