As a woodturner, I use a variety of 2" hook-and-loop abrasive discs for my sanding tool. However, those small discs are hard to keep sorted and inconvenient to store. To solve both problems, I made this sanding- disc server that looks like a tray to hold poker chips.Because I use eight different grits, I drilled eight 2" holes through a scrap of MDF, and then glued on a hardboard base, as shown. Using my tablesaw, I then trimmed the front off the server—enough to create an opening about a thumb's width—to provide easy access to the discs.The server holds quite a few discs, and I can load my tool and align the disc by simply dipping the tool's pad into the hole. To make things even easier, I boldly mark the grit of each disc on its back before storing it in the server.—Bill Esposito, Rindge, N.H.