What's the best way to store sliced veneer?


I bought some sliced veneer (no paper backing) at a woodworking show, but I’m not sure how to store it. Any advice?  
—Raymond Vohrman, Indianapolis


A few simple steps are all you need, Ray. First, when dealing with rolled-up veneer, open the package carefully so the veneer doesn’t spring open and crack. Next, whether the veneer was rolled or flat, apply masking tape across each end of each sheet to prevent splits and to keep small splits from growing.

Then place rolled veneer on a flat surface, curled ends up; it will begin to straighten naturally. To help it along, place books near the center of the piece, gradually sliding them closer to the ends over the course of a day or two. If the veneer was very tightly rolled or is wavy or buckled, add moisture to increase flexibility. Spray a light mist of water on the veneer or sprinkle a few drops of water and wipe them across the surface; then cover the veneer overnight with a board. Remove the board the next day, and allow air to circulate around both sides of the veneer to dry it completely. Finally, store veneer horizontally on a flat surface in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Keep it away from direct light and cover it with cloth to prevent fading.

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