What's the best way to secure plywood in a short-bed pickup truck?


I’m looking for a way to securely haul a sheet or two of plywood in my short-bed pickup. Straps secured to the bed anchors don’t work well with short stacks. If I leave the plywood unsecured and the tailgate down, it could slide out while I’m driving. Any suggestions?
—Cory Maxwell, Missoula, Mont.


As you’ve discovered, Cory, pickup bed anchors aren’t always ideally located. If they sit too high up the sidewall, you can’t capture short stacks of sheet goods with straps alone. To solve this, build these simple and effective cargo helpers from a few scraps of dimensional lumber. Cut four pieces about 18" long and screw them together in T-shaped pairs; then apply self-adhesive sandpaper to the holding “face.” Use them as shown above to apply downward pressure onto the plywood when you tighten the straps.

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