Lumber and Sheet Goods

Find all you need to know about choosing and working with lumber and sheet goods. See tips and tricks for using hardwoods, softwoods, exotic woods, MDF, and plywood.

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Log lessons you can use at the lumberyard
Pick your wood quicker with less sorting, stacking, squinting, or straining.
Making Nice with Knots
Knots need not be a nuisance. Featured judiciously, they become a striking focal point in your project.
MDF goes on a diet
The smooth, dead-flat faces and void-free interior of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) make it ideal for jigs, as a substrate under veneer or laminate, and for building utility cabinets.
Maximize Your Wood By Resawing
Ripping boards into thinner slabs is a snap with a bandsaw and these easy-to-follow techniques.
How much does it cost to fell an 'urban tree'?
The old maple tree that fell in my backyard, but all the sawyers I’ve called seem reluctant to come mill it for me. Should I have to pay for their equipment if a blade breaks?

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How to Work With Natural-Edge Slabs
Let Mother Nature be your co-designer as you build dazzling projects with wavy edges, bristly burrs, bark inclusions, and other “flaws” that give wood a look of unrefined beauty.

How long should air-dried lumber sit?

I recently purchased roughsawn lumber that was air-dried for a year. How long should it acclimate in my shop before I can use it?