How do I clear a clogged aerosol can nozzle?


How do you keep the nozzles of spray adhesive cans from clogging? I have tried tipping the cans upside down and spraying, but it hasn’t worked. Now, I have two half-full cans with clogged nozzles.
—Nate Denniston, Charlotte, Mich.


To salvage your half-empty cans, Nate, try soaking the nozzles for 5 minutes in lacquer thinner in a small glass or metal container such as a baby food jar. Then wipe the nozzle clean and reinstall it on the can.

Tipping the can upside down and spraying helps clear the nozzle in most cases, so continue that practice. Then take an added step against clogs and build-up by wiping a small amount of petroleum jelly on the outside of the nozzle before you store the can.

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