What are some epoxy guidelines?


The local home center has dozens of types of epoxy. Do you have something specific in mind when your instructions say to epoxy two parts together?
—Paul Bianchina, Bend, Oregon


 A 30-minute epoxy handles most needs, Paul, but there’s a wealth of liquid epoxies for various woodworking chores, as shown in the chart above. Save the quick-set epoxies, with their limited working time, for parts that can’t be clamped together. Use epoxy putty to fill misplaced screw holes or gaps, but avoid it where you need tight-fitting pieces.

For parts you’ll have to clamp, take advantage of the longer working times of the slower-curing formulas. Although some quick-setting formulas can be sanded or drilled within an hour, all epoxies should be allowed to cure overnight for maximum hardness.

You mention shopping at home centers, but don’t limit yourself to those sources. You can buy epoxy in different quantities, containers, and formulas from hobby shops, marine repair suppliers, or mail-order woodworking suppliers. You also can buy some epoxies directly from manufacturers such as System Three Resins (800/333-5514).

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