Finishes and Finishing

Find finishing techniques, tips, and tricks including stains, water-based and oil finishes, dyes, exterior finishes, and urethanes. You'll also learn how to create your own finishes.

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Make a Home Brew Wipe-On Finish
With so many wipe-on finishes to choose from, you’ll probably find one you like right off the shelf. But you can easily make your own.
Oil vs. Film, Choose Your Finish
When it's time to apply a knockout finish, there are a lot of contenders. Some can take a punch; some bounce back fast. Here's how to choose the one that's a fair match for your project.
Becoming an HVLP convert
Are there benefits to upgrading to an HVLP system? We've got the answer here.
45 Must-Have Shop Accessories
In the shop, as in life, little things can make a big impact on the experience. Here are some small things we love.
Low-cost spray finishing
Whether you’re applying paint or a clear topcoat, check out these simple options for laying down a smooth sprayed-on finish.
What's the best finish for window frames?
I am in the process of refinishing wooden casement window frames. What kind of finish should I use?

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What's the best way to get a satin finish?
I want a satin finish for my cherry dining table, and I have a supply of both satin and gloss varnish.
What is an HVLP spray gun?
I’ve heard that an HVLP (high volume/low pressure) spray-finishing system offers benefits over traditional spray guns, but I’d like a further explanation.
How to get consistent stain on problem woods

Get consistent stain color, even on problem woods, by following these simple tips.