How to install metal slides on wood cabinets


Can I install metal drawer slides on a solid-wood cabinet without creating wood movement problems?
—AI Clarks, Texarkana, Texas


We haven’t experienced any problems in doing that, AI, and the Accuride hardware company, a maker of drawer slides, isn’t aware of any either, according to a spokesman. When you install the cabinet-side part of the slide, you’ll see holes, vertical slots, and horizontal slots. The slots make adjustment easier as you line up the drawer. Once you have everything aligned, put a screw through the round hole nearest the front of the cabinet. That pins the slide so that it remains aligned with the front. Then, put a screw in the center of each horizontal slot along the rest of the slide’s length. The screws will slide slightly in the slots under the pressure of normal wood movement. Remove any screws that you placed in vertical slots.

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