How do I silence a squeaking bed?

Paraffin wax applied directly to the wood, makes a quick fix for squeaky knock-down joints. It’s sold in the grocery store as canning wax, and in craft stores as candle wax.


I built the pencil-post bed from issue 187 (November 2008) of WOOD magazine. I love the way it looks, but there’s one problem: The slightest movement on the bed makes it squeak annoyingly. Is there anything I can do to stop the squeaking?
—Sean Weisgerber, Pensacola, Fla.


An easy fix, Sean. Disassemble the bed; then thoroughly rub down the tenons and the bed bolts with paraffin wax (see photo). The wax eases any friction, eliminating the squeak caused by wood rubbing on wood. The wax coating could wear down over time, so if your bed gets noisy again, simply disassemble and reapply the wax.

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