Casters for picnic tables: Now you’re on a roll


The legs of my picnic table take a lot of abuse when someone moves it across the patio. What could I do to protect the legs?
—Joe Ales, Pleasanton, Calif.


A pair of carefully positioned casters should give your table’s legs a break, Joe. (And we mean that in a good way.) You’ll need a pair of fixed casters with wheels at least 4" in diameter. If you can find casters meant for outdoor use, that’s all the better.

Then, find a point on the outside surface of the legs where the wheels have about ¼" clearance from the patio. Bolt the casters to the outsides of the table legs using washers and nuts on the opposite side.

To move the table, lift the end opposite the wheels until the wheels touch the patio, as shown above. Then just roll it where it needs to go.

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