Wood and Supplies

This section features advice on working with wood including lumber & sheet goods, wood species, and wood figure. You'll Also find tips on veneer & inlay, sanding, wood glue, fasteners, and wood finishes.

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European Hinges
A simple guide to choosing and installing hinges.
Installing Quadrant Hinges
Rout the recesses right to hold a lid upright. Here’s how.
Stuck like glue
Gluing projects together comes with lots of challenges: time, squeeze-out, sticky fingers, and sometimes panic as the open-time clock ticks down. These accessories are sure to help you be better prepared.
Put the Squeeze on Excess Glue
Squeeze-out defines any well-glued joint. Follow these tips to avoid overlooked spots of dried glue showing up during finishing.

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How to Work With Natural-Edge Slabs

Let Mother Nature be your co-designer as you build dazzling projects with wavy edges, bristly burrs, bark inclusions, and other “flaws” that give wood a look of unrefined beauty.