Your router-bit investment can add up fast, but it pays to invest in top quality when buying bits you'll use frequently. Whenever possible, buy bits with sturdy 1/2" shanks. Here's what to include in a starter set: 1. 1⁄8" round-over with a bottom bearing. (It's mounted at the end opposite the shank.)2. 1/2"-diameter flush-trim bit with a 1"-long cutting length and a top-mounted bearing.3. 1/4" round-over with a bottom bearing.4. 1/2"-diameter straight bit with a 1"-long cutting length. Once you step up to a router table, you'll want a similar bit but with a bottom bearing.5. 45° chamfer bit with a bottom bearing.6. Rabbeting-bit kit with different-size guide bearings to adjust the depth of cut.