It's interesting how one good idea often leads to another. Not long ago, I countersunk and epoxied 3/4" magnets into both ends of my shop bench to hold screws while assembling a project.Later, when gluing up a project, I realized the flux brush I use for spreading glue has a steel handle. So, to keep glue off my bench, I began storing the brush on the magnet with the gooey bristles hanging over the edge. Still later, after cleaning a few glue drips off the floor, I added the flip-out drip catcher, shown, to the underside of the bench.To mount the magnets, drill a hole in the bench corners with a Forstner bit the same diameter as your magnet. The hole should be only deep enough that the magnet lies flush with the table surface. For the drip catcher, cut the handle off a cheap plastic putty knife and attach it to the bottom of the bench with a fender washer and screw. Position the drip catcher so that you can fold it completely out of the way when not in use.—Aaron Butler, Danville, Pa.