Think that your 1⁄4" perforated hardboard panels measure the specified thickness? Chances are they measure about 3⁄16", as ours did. To size the grooves in the stiles (A), end rails (B), and back rails (C) to snugly fit the panels, cut the grooves in two passes using a 1⁄8"-kerf blade in your tablesaw. Here's how. Step 1, top left photo: Position your rip fence to cut a groove 3⁄4" from the inside face of the stiles (A), end rails (B), and back rails (C). With the outside face of each part against the fence, rip a 3⁄4"-deep groove along an edge. Cut another groove in a 1 1⁄2×3" cutoff about 12" long.Step 2, bottom left photo: Shift the fence toward the blade as needed to widen the groove. With the same face of the cutoff against the fence, rip it again. Check for a snug fit of the hardboard. Adjust the fence if needed, and cut again. Then widen the groove in the parts.