Don’t throw away dull twist bits—you can sharpen them yourself.
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Don't throw away dull twist bits—you can sharpen them yourself, and a dedicated drill-bit sharpener makes the job fast, easy, and accurate. We tested several models and it quickly became clear why Drill Doctor dominates this market. Each model shown here uses a 180-grit diamond abrasive to hone the bit tips. (Replacement drums cost $20.)

Drill Doctor 750X, $140, above.


Bit sizes: 332 "–34 " diameter
Bevel-angle range: 118°–140° (infinitely variable)

Drill Doctor

This machine lets you grind a variety of bevel angles on your largest twist bits, and even has a port for applying a microbevel to metal-drilling bits. This jig offers the greatest bevel range and largest bit capacity of all the systems we tested, and is easiest to use, so it's our favorite.

Drill Doctor 500X, $100


Bit sizes: 332 "–12 " diameter
Bevel-angle settings: 118°, 135°

This model works similarly to the 750X, but offers only two angle settings and smaller bit capacity. You can buy an optional chuck for $35 to sharpen bits up to 34 ".

Drill Doctor 350X, $50


Bit sizes: 33212 " diameter
Bevel-angle setting: 118°

Although a bit fussier to set up and use than the other models shown, this bare-bones machine sharpens perfectly to its only angle—the most common wood-drilling-bit bevel of 118°.