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Wood Magazine Innovate Awards 2020

These new woodworking tools and accessories impressed us with their ingenuity and usefulness. 

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Capture that pesky dust

For most router-table work, you can capture dust and chips either through the fence or beneath the table. But for some tasks, such as routing dadoes or grooves, that debris shoots out ahead of the workpiece. Rockler’s Dado Dust Chute mounts on the outfeed side of a router table to help capture much of that debris. Bristles along the edges stand up to stop chips and drop them into the funnel-shaped port, but bend flat as a workpiece glides over them. 

Dust Right Dado Dust Chute

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware
no. 57495 

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Corded or cordless: Let ’er rip

Metabo HPT’s new benchtop/job-site 10" tablesaw delivers two key innovations. First, it’s the first tablesaw that runs on either a lithium-ion battery pack or an AC adapter (each sold separately). Second, its 35" rip capacity provides 10" more than other battery-powered tablesaws, and 212 " more than the next best benchtop/job-site model. Its MultiVolt battery pack also works with any Metabo HPT or Hitachi 18-volt lithium-ion tool.

10" 36-volt MultiVolt benchtop/job-site tablesaw

Metabo HPT, no. C3610DRJQ4
36-volt MultiVolt 4-amp-hour battery pack and charger kit, no. UC18YSL3B1
MultiVolt AC adapter, no. ET36A

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A CNC machine with (almost) no boundaries

The Goliath portable CNC machine routs without the constraints of a frame, supported instead by a trio of multi-caster “feet” that drive it across your workpiece as it carves. You load CAD files wirelessly. Goliath then operates within a maximum 912 ×812 ' work area, with a maximum cutting depth of 138 ". The unit is tethered by thin wires to a pair of sensor posts that communicate Goliath’s location continuously and keep it from driving off the workpiece. An onboard vacuum sucks up debris and stores it in a bin to maintain a clean surface and not compromise the casters’ grip. 

Portable CNC machine 

(Available in mid-2020)

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One jig, multiple perfect-fitting inlays

With ready-made, laser-cut inlays and a template system that lets you create exact-fit mortises, you can’t go wrong with Slab Stitcher’s inlay system. The starter kit (11 to choose from) comes with a master template holder, one inlay template, an assortment of inlays, spiral router bit, guide bushing, and centering pin. You can then purchase additional templates (dozens of designs), and inlays made from multiple wood species, as well as brass and aluminum. 

Wood and metal inlay system

Slab Stitcher
Bow tie master starter kit; 717-371-6543

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Remove bit bearings easily

Removing router-bit bearings can be vexing: You risk cutting your hands on the sharp carbide edges, or mangling the shank by holding it with pliers. These self-tightening router-bit vises solve this issue. Each model has self-tightening holders for 14 "- and 12 "-shank bits (the Infinity also has one for 8mm shanks) with single-directional needle bearings in each socket. These firmly hold the bit without slipping while you loosen the screw. (Flip the vise over to tighten the screw.)  

Router-bit vise

Infinity Cutting Tools
no. RBV-001

MLCS Woodworking
no. 297

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