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Turn out tiny trim on the tablesaw

After setting the fence, remove the miter gauge and stop block for each cut. Rout, reset, rip, and repeat as needed.


I need some 14 " quarter-round trim for a paneled door but I can’t find any at the store. Is there a way to make it?
—Ben Robie, Ankeny, Iowa


Start with stock planed to the thickness of the desired radius—14 " in your case, Ben. Using a table-mounted router, rout a 14 " roundover on both edges of the blank. 

Position your tablesaw fence to rip 14 " from the offcut side of the blade. Place a stopblock against the blank as shown, and clamp or screw the block to your miter gauge. Remove the miter gauge before ripping the quarter-round from one edge. Then replace the miter gauge, turn the blank end-for-end, and place the cut edge against the fence. Slide the fence and blank until the blank again touches the stop block. Lock the fence, remove the miter gauge, and rip the next piece of quarter-round. Repeat the routing and ripping process as needed.

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