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How do I level my table saw wings?


The cast iron wings on my tablesaw droop approximately 116 " to 18 " at their ends. How do I correct this?
—Donald Zarate, Las Vegas, Nev.


Your first step, Donald, should be to remove the wings completely. With a fine file or 220-grit sandpaper, sand the mating edges of the wings to remove any sharp edges, burrs, or paint. Then, reattach the wings without tightening the bolts all the way; allowing the wings to sag a small amount.

Lay a 4' level across the front edge of one wing and the tablesaw, and clamp it to the outer edge of the sagging wing. As you tighten the front bolt, keep an eye on the bottom of the level. Ideally, when the bolt is tight, the bottom of the level should sit flush across the tablesaw and the wing. 

If there is still a gap, the bottom edge between tablesaw and wing needs shimming. Cut strips of brass shim stock (or use cut-up beverage cans). Loosen the bolt, slide in a shim, and retighten. If the gap doesn’t close completely, repeat the process, adding a shim each time, until the tables are flush. Lastly, repeat the leveling process at the center and rear of the wing.

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