Can you tilt a molding cutter on a tablesaw?


Can you tilt a molding cutter on a tablesaw?
—Nick Herrick, Plain City, Ohio


Sure, Nick. In fact, it's a great way to create many profiles from a single set of cutters, as shown above. Follow a few cautions, though. First, unplug your saw and mount the molding cutter. Then, tilt the cutter to create the profile you want, judging by the cutter's appearance above the saw table without an insert. Check for clearance by rotating the cutter by hand as you raise and lower it; the cutters may touch some part of the saw even though the cutter body doesn't.

After setting the cutter to the height you want, count the number of cranks it takes to fully lower the cutter. Insert a zero-clearance insert and hold it in place by clamping a piece of scrap to the table over the insert. Plug in the saw, hit the "on" switch, and count the number of cranks to raise the cutter to the desired height to customize the insert, as shown at bottom. If you change cutter angles, create a new custom insert.